Trilogy or Gold Box Editions: Matthew Hart - From the Backyard Ltd. 50

Image of Trilogy or Gold Box Editions: Matthew Hart - From the Backyard Ltd. 50


Pre-order begins March 1
Will begin shipping Mid-March

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Available in 3 editions:
Trilogy Box: $20 [Gold Box edition with all 3 colors of metallic vinyl]
Gold Box: $15 [boxset as described below, but without bronze or silver vinyl]
Standard: $5 [choice of bronze (150) or silver (100) vinyl]

Trilogy Box edition includes:
- Gold, Silver & Bronze Vinyl of GBR004 Matthew Hart "From the Backyard" 7" (only 50 made) [Gold Box includes Gold vinyl color only]
- The original 7" artwork shrunk down to CD size, housing a CD-r with not only the 3 songs from the 7" but the other 3 songs from the original 2011 session
- Unique postcard on front
- Unique coffee stain from Matt on front
- Unique postcard on rear, handwritten by Matt. Maybe he'll be drunk or sober or anything...who really knows.
- Unique Polaroid taken by Matt in 1 of 50 diners he's visiting for this series
- Dated napkin from 1 of 50 diners, maybe with a haiku, maybe with a little lipstick kiss from Matt
- Matt Hart 1" button
- Original photo from the recording sessions
- Enclosed in a white 7" reel-to-reel tape box from Death Row Studios, where the songs were recorded & mixed

Matt Hart's debut record is reference-laden pop from an old-timey/punk enthusiast. He is the poet laureate of suburban stoners and romantic underachievers. 3 songs of rock'n'roll fetishism.
Mart's backing band includes Prince William Keegan (Pangea), Danny Bengston (Pangea, God Equals Genocide) & James King.

A1. From The Backyard
A2. Do You Ever
B1. Topanga Days

1st pressing of 250
50 metallic gold (Gold or Trilogy Box Editions only)
100 metallic silver
150 metallic bronze

Ghostbot Records GBR004